Head Into The Weekend With Dr. Disrespect’s Most Electrifying Intro Of All Time

It’s Friday. Get ready to get inside of the arena. Get ready to go all day, all night, maybe 48 hours – fuck it maybe even 72 hours. Whatever you’re doing, get ready to climb that mountain. And there’s no better way to get yourself ready for that climb than with this motivational intro from the Two Time himself.

Take it away, Doc.

The Two-Time 1993-1994 back-to-back Blockbuster Video Game champion has spoken, folks.

I woke up, took my dog out, crushed a bowl of cereal (Trader Joe’s brand honey bunches of oats by the way – absolute piff), shoved 32oz of cold brew down my throat, tossed this on, and then got to work. Destiny 2 Legendary Campaign was toast before it even knew what hit it.

Now I’m about to head out, maybe do a couple drinks and an equal amount of oysters. Go to sleep with a goal on your mind, wake up ready to achieve it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Why? Because you deserve it.

Papa Dom

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