Power Ranking Tiggy’s Destiny 2: Lightfall Launch Day Setup

I tend to forget Tiggy’s a Destiny guy. Him and I are very much like ships in the night when it comes to Destiny, either I’m playing it nonstop or he is – I don’t think we’ve ever actually played together.

To be honest, I’ve been moderately excited about Destiny 2’s penultimate expansion in their “Light versus Dark” saga, Lightfall, which is out right now… But I haven’t been really over the moon since I’m still feeling somewhat burnt out from last year’s content. That is, I was, until I saw this beauty of a setup grace the bird app:

The scenes here are crazy. This is a man of action, a guy who knows exactly what has to be done today. So let’s take a deep dive in here and power rank everything Tiggy has in front of him to celebrate launch day.


Ice Cream Sandwich – Power play right off the rip and I’d expect nothing less from The Notorious T.I.G.. An ice cream sandwich, no doubt the first thing to get eaten on this plate, get the blood sugar really kick started and ice up the gums and teeth for what’s to come. And do I spy some M&M’s mixed in with the ice cream there? Eagle Eye Tiggy knows a quality product when he sees one.

IcyHot – Big Aristotle Shaq Diesel himself couldn’t put on a better ad than this. Gonna grind for an ungodly amount of hours? IcyHot up son. Veteran play (and I mean that in every sense of the word, thank you for your service Tiggy)


Sickening Amount of Caffeine – I’ve never had a Reign energy so I can’t vouch for its taste, but 300mg of caffeine (googled it) in a single can is pretty similar to slamming down a large black cold brew from Dunks. Kid’s gonna have pupils like pinpricks, but it’s commitment like this that separates us from lesser mortals.

Honorable Mention – MoviePass credit card. Get those points big guy.


Hash browns and strawberries – I actually like this move. When you think about the full plate – you’ve got sweet, salty, savory, and slightly sour all covered. Flavor explosion right off the rip on launch day. I do feel like I would get like 20 cankers from this combination plus the energy drink though, so it’s taking a ride down to this tier for now.


Hardware – I have not used Higround keyboards or Elgato speakers before but I’ve heard their pretty nice. That being said, this shit needs cable managing badly. Clean it up Tig.


Mystery Sauce Packets – Ranch? Mayo? Hand sanitizer? Who could know. He’s a mystery, that Tiggy. Bring those bad boys front and center and dip the hash browns in whatever they are.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is available right now on consoles and PC.

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