E3 2016: Sony Brings The Heat — Sony E3 Press Conference

Sony E3 Conference

I’ll do a quick run down of what Sony was showing off during their conference and I’ll give you my Top 3 Most Hyped Games. Also if you haven’t seen the conference yet, give it a watch because Sony went big this year.

God Of War: Kratos is easily one of the most iconic figures in Sony history…and it has been years since we have seen him rip godly figures from mouth to ass crack, but the God of War is back in town. I was hoping to see a reimagined version of Kratos and honestly didn’t expect to see the ashes this time around. I also was kinda taken aback by how close the camera was to him. I was a huge fan of how many creatures were on screen at once and how many you could just cut right through. My fear with the camera being so close to Kratos, is that it will make it so only 2 enemies are in your direct line of vision and combat. The Viking/Norse setting is the best place they could have taken this series. Kratos is still that nonchalant badass that everyone has come to love and respect, and I absolutely cannot wait to rip some godly heads off of their shoulders.

Days Gone: Clearly a post apocalyptic setting with the main protagonist being a biker… did I forget to mention the main protagonist is Sam Witwer?!? The last 10 minutes of the conference was just gameplay footage and it looked amazing. Days Gone reminds me of a mix between The Last Of Us and the movie World War Z with endless hordes of zombies. Also, did I say Sam Witwer was in it??? Say no more Sony, I am sold.

The Last Guardian: So…like is this fucking game coming out or nah? I’m fucking with you, there is a release date, again, October 25th. Prepare yourselves because this game looks amazing. I don’t give a shit how long we have waited for this game because it looks better and better every time they release any new footage.


Horizon Zero Dawn: Gameplay reminds me a lot of Far Cry Primal. I still don’t really understand the premise though, and like how are bows, arrows, and slingshots supposed to take down robot dinosaurs…and robot dinosaurs are a huge selling point.

Detroit Becomes Human: Looks like a futuristic La Noire with a very unique premise. I also loved the cool Batman detective shit the cyborg has going on when searching for clues. Looks pretty damn cool.

Resident Evil 7: Fucking Finally. Really though…how many action games do they have to make and how many fans have to complain until they return to their roots? Apparently a few games and a few million fans. The 1st person perspective is key to the virtual reality horror revival and I’m so glad to see Resident Evil back in it. Perfect gritty and grainy visuals and it actually looks like a game that is going to scare the shit out of players.

rez evil7

PS VR will be released October 13th of this year with 50 games coming along by the end of 2016. It will run you 399$ which is the most cost efficient VR experience you can get for gaming, so I figure this is going to be a big hit, as long as it doesn’t suck.

Farpoint: No clue what it is but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Seems very unique and I am dying to know more about it.

Battlefront VR: Looks like a perfect application of virtual reality to the beloved movie series, in videogame format.

Batman Arkham VR: Not much to go on from the teaser, but it seems hard to envision a Batman game in virtual reality. Is it going to be 1st person? Will it be just detective work? I have no clue at this moment in time.

Final Fantasy XV VR: In my personal opinion if the VR experience stays 3rd person/ over the shoulder, it could make for an awesome viewing experience for such a gorgeous game with spectacular environments. However, I don’t know how I feel about it being 1st person.

COD Infinite Warfare: Honestly, I gave up on the COD campaigns a while back. They have gotten way too futuristic and it just feels like they are trying to do way too much at this point. What I want to see is COD go back to the basics, like Battlefield 1.

COD 4 Modern Warfare Remastered: Speaking of going back to the basics, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. We have been waiting for this for some time now. I have so many memories of staying up until 4 am talking shit about peoples moms with some of my best friends. I remember the late night GameBattles Matches. It is the best COD multiplayer experience yet and if I have to buy Infinite Warfare to get it…then I’ll bite the bullet.

Crash Bandicoot Remastered: YES YES YES. Fans have been begging for the return of the Sony Mascot who has been long gone for years now. We needed this. We deserved this. We also deserve a new Crash experience, so Sony, cmahn guys make that shit happen already.


Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: My nephew is going to love this shit. This is the best way to introduce a new generation to Star Wars and honestly, who doesn’t love Star Wars? Who doesn’t love Legos?

Death Stranding: The Kojima and Reedus duo are back in action folks. I;m sure we could use some Silent Hills, but I have faith here. Seems very mysterious and surreal which just has Kojima written all over it, but a naked Norman Reedus, Yeah I’m sold.

Spiderman: The fucking web slingah is back guys. Psst HEY!
I said Spidey is back!!! Thank You Insomniac. I have so much faith in your work, I know this game will be fantastic. We finally can have a great Spidey game to match a finally great Spidey actor. Thank You Insomniac and thank you Tom Holland.

Robs’ Top 3 Most Hyped Games From The Sony Conference

#1. Days Gone

#2. Spiderman

#3. God of War

Honorable Mention : Resident Evil 7

Let me know what you guys enjoyed most from the Sony Conference in the comments below.


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