PAX East 2017 Is Over, And We’re Exhausted

What a show. What. A. Show.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll tell you this right now – PAX East 2017 was an absolute blast. We met some incredible people, played amazing games, saw more Wicked Good Gaming t-shirts represented on the show floor than we thought we would’ve, and made some great connections in the gaming industry. We got absolutely murdered by an MLG team in a game of Lawbreakers while getting ShoutCasted on the big screen in the middle of the show floor, we went undefeated in beer pong at an afterparty, we spent way too much money on Lyft rides… All in all, this weekend was a gauntlet. My feet are throbbing, my knees are knocking, and I couldn’t be happier.

We’re going to be covering everything we did and more at PAX East 2017 on the next episode of Not Another Gaming Podcast, which we’ll be recording LIVE at 7PM EST tomorrow on Twitch. The next nine episodes of the podcast are going to feature exclusive interviews, both from amazing indie titles and huge AAA releases. I’m enjoying my day of rest today, Rob’s back in Chicago, and I think Chris might actually be dead this time, but any way you slice it – I’d say we all have a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after the show we had.

We’ll absolutely be back next year, PAX East. Bet.

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Papa Dom

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