Former Eagles Running Back Jay Ajayi Goes 0-12 in FIFA Esports Debut

Former running back Jay Ajayi, left the NFL to go pro in FIFA for the Philadelphia Union. And in his opening debut after the announcement, really couldn’t find his footing. In his first game losing 5-1 to KingCJ0, and then losing the remaining 11. Ajayi scored 11 goals in his 12 games. Which.. isn’t great. But, it was the 72 goals he let up that is the tough number to look at.

“Catch me tomorrow on the livestream for the eMLS tournament, stay tuned, I’m going to have some things for you to watch… hopefully, we get some wins, check it out,” the Union’s star signing said after his twelfth defeat of the day.

Jay Ajayi

Man cmon Jay. I was hoping the debut was going to be a massacre coming off of your hands. A Cinderella story. A man that left the National Football League to peruse his love for FIFA, and becomes a force to be reckoned with on the sticks when he sits down. But this wasn’t the case. It’s good to see Jay in good spirits after letting up 72 goals, because I probably would have been calling my coach saying I made a mistake.

Hopefully this is just practice for his 2020 eMLS Cup season that opens up tomorrow in Philly.

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