Fortnite Pro ZexRow Banned From Twitch for Self Harm After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks (Filled With Water)

Fornite pro ZexRow, has been banned from Twitch for 7 days, for self harm. All for drinking too many Monster energy drinks. Zex had 2 Monsters before replacing them with water and acting like he was drinking the actual energy drink. He then threw up from too much water, and had his friend playing into the joke to try to ramp it up a bit as well as Zex exaggerating his yacks a bit.

I want to start this blog off with something useless. I had a Red Bull the other day, sober, and I legit felt like I was on speed. I can see how people can get hooked on these bad boys. What a buzz at 8 AM.

Energy drinks are crazy, and I can confidently say, if these were actual energy drinks, this man would be dead or you’d see his heart beating out of his chest. It seems like just another misunderstanding, and another case of Twitch not really digging into things before slamming the ban hammer. Hell, people still don’t know what’s allowed and what’s not on Twitch. It’s the most vague platform ever. I’ve seen people electrocuting themselves, and doing meth on stream. And it takes longer to get banned than I guy that fake drank fucking energy drinks.

When will research be done before banning people? I know, I know, it’s only 7 days. But in the live streaming world, 7 days is all it takes for someone to swoop in and steal your viewers.

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