Fortnite Season 11 Chapter 1 Trailer Has Leaked

Here is the Fortnite Season 11 Chapter 1 leaked trailer:

Just a few things that stick out to me on this one but i’ll let you guys decipher it how you’d like.

  • New graphics & animations (players and guns)
  • Carry downed players
  • Gun animations & sounds
  • Hiding in dumpsters? Might be introducing different strategies
  • Diving off cliffs into water
  • New level up system
  • Boats

OK FORTNITE, I SEE YOU. Listen, I’m not the biggest Fortnite fan. Never have been, probably never will be. But that doesn’t make it that I can’t recognize when a company is keeping things spicy. And boy has Epic Games been able to keep everyone on their toes. First the black hole, and now this “leaked” trailer. The die hard Fortnite fans will play whatever Epic puts out, and buy whatever skin they put into the store. And I doubt season 11 will be any different. But this looks like a completely new game..

We shall see… We shall see

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