KRNG Tasty Now Holds The Record For The Worlds Fastest Nuke in Modern Warfare @ 33 Seconds

The world record for the fastest nuke was previously held by StreakingPSN, clocking in at 40 seconds on Shipment. This, comes with a little help of some luck, and some fucked up spawns.

Welp, that record has now been broken by KRNG Tasty who shaved off 7 seconds and clocked in a time of 33 seconds. Once again on Shipment, which comes at no surprise since a nuke is achieved by 30 gun kills in a row and you literally have people spawning into your gunfire. This isn’t like Modern Warfare where it was 25 kills, and kill streaks played counted towards the total. This is the old fashion way, plus 5 more kills.

I can side with the internet and say oh the spawns are fucked up and this doesn’t count. Yadda yadda yadda. But in reality it does count, and a world record is a world record. Everyone has the same ability to do this at the time of writing since the spawning it still awful. Nukes have become few and far between now which is better and gives them more credit when they’re called in.. You can’t camp Harrier Strike, Chopper Gunner, Nuke like the old days. You gotta do it with just guns which of course makes it more difficult.

I’ll update this bad boy once the record is inevitably broken.

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