Fortnite is a Competitive Game.. But Should Fornite Be Considered an Esport?

Epic Games and Fornite have done wonders for the gaming scene and that can’t be denied. They’ve broken records, and broken barriers and have really paved the way for existing games, and those to come. But I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion around the internet about whether Fortnite should be considered an esport. Of course, what’s considered an esport, and what’s not, is pretty subjective – so everyone can have their own thoughts and beliefs. I’ve been doing some thinking, and some research around the interweb, and I have some thoughts as to why it’s tough to consider it an esport just due to Epics updating practices.

The amount of updates that drop for Fornite are good in the sense that Epic is on top of their shit and making sure the game stays working, and stays spicy. But you have to look at it from a pro players stand point. With frequent updates dropping randomly, and sometimes before big events, that it’s very difficult for a pro player to prepare and adjust to this. Especially if these updates change the meta. The only exception was before the World Cup, where Epic said they wouldn’t drop a meta changing update before it. And because of these updates, we’ve seen some competitive players jump ship, and just go full time content. No other esport is introducing new weapons, or champions just days before a tournament. And they’re not putting out game changing items – like planes, swords, or mechs just weeks before a tournament. And now with Chapter 2 out, at least bring back patch notes so players know what the fuck is going on. How are you gonna change the game as often as you do, and not give the pro and competitive players notes on what’s happening?

If we all remember, during the Fornite Fall Skirmish Grand Final, Nate Hill was eliminated in this $2.6M live final, because of a glider redeploy bug. Which ultimately could have cost him and his duo partner thousands and thousands of dollars if they already weren’t already placed so high. And no statement was ever made by Epic Games. This bugged update wasn’t ready for competitive play.

Like I mentioned, everything on this topic is subjective. You’re willing to have your own opinions about why you think I’m wrong. And I’m happy to hear them – so shout at me playboy.

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