You’re Welcome: Hard Mountain Dew Is Adding Baja Blast Flavor To The Lineup

As first reported here at, your source for only the most critical and hard hitting gaming journalism on the internet – Hard Mountain Dew is coming, and it’s about to hit liquor store shelves nationwide real soon. I’ve been pretty excited to see these launch, but I’ve felt like there was something missing from the flavor lineup since it was first announced.

You guys know we don’t take credit for stuff. In fact, we don’t have to. People do it for us. You already know that everything that comes out of our podcast, social media, and blogs come true. If you see Bob’s handsome face talking about something on Tik Tok – he’s not just informing the world, he’s speaking it into existence. Case and point? See below.


New “Gamer Drink” is in the works @mountaindew #warzone #gaming #streamer #twitch

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You may be saying to yourself – man, all these flavors looks great and delicious. And hey, with zero sugars and 5% booze, I can really see myself crushing 12 of these on a Friday night. Y’know what? Same here. The only thing that’s been missing so far from this historic announcement of alcohol innovation, you ask? Baja Blast flavor.

That is, until now.

Like I said, we speak it – it happens. Hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast is on the way, and all I can say is… You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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