It Is My Duty As A Video Game Journalist To Inform You About Hard Mountain Dew

I just decided that I was back like, 30 minutes ago. And what does the world give me as a token of thanks? Boozy Mountain Dew.

You heard that right folks. Per a CNBC report, the Boston Beer Company (probably best known for Truly Hard Seltzers and Sam Adams beer) is partnering up with PepsiCo to bring us “Hard Mtn Dew”.

This unholy concoction is said to be 5% ABV (on par with most other hard seltzers) and contain zero sugar. This is coming hot off the heels of Coca-Cola coming out with Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, through a partnership with Molson Coors.

While they may seem like a similar move, Topo Chico has recently been filling a role as a trendy, “healthy” drink posted by influencers all over Instagram, so a hard version just seems like an absolute no-brainer to try and corner the summer “skinny booze” market. Mountain Dew is… Decidedly not that.

I can see a huge partnership coming with some top streamers here. Pepsi and the Sam Adams guys are going to need to work their asses off to get this into every studio, apartment, and esports facility they can. And with the amount of Mtn Dew sponsorships already out there in the gaming space, I can’t imagine they’re going to have a ton of trouble.

Only time will tell. We’ll get back to ya with a full review once Hard Mtn Dew hits shelves next year. In the meantime, here’s a Tik Tok from Bob with a proposition for all of you.


New “Gamer Drink” is in the works @mountaindew #warzone #gaming #streamer #twitch

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