Lets Make a Petition to Bring Back Beyblade

Ohhhh Chris, this is a video game website.. You’re supposed to write about video games, you’re so fat.. Fuck you.


Is anyone with me? You can’t tell me that Beyblade’s weren’t the shit. I remember battling randos behind the Dance Dance Revolution machine at the local arcade and the show was lit too. There was nothing better than pulling up your South Pole shorts, straightening your all green, flat brimmed hat and getting after it. Debris of shitty Beyblades and tarnished dreams flying around the arena. I was such a cheater when it came to the game though. I had a super juiced Beyblade that could take on a Smart Car and still keep spinning. I used to absolutely stomp on people (sick brag).

Man that’s when life was easy. The most important question at birthday parties used to be “who’s bringing their arena and who’s ready to let it rip”.. Now it’s “how drunk are we going to get before” and “is it an open bar”. Or is that just me and my friends? Or is it just me? Oh man.

But seriously.. If Beyblade came back and people were dueling it out again, I would a million percent hit the local Big K and cop a new Beyblade. It could actually turn into a fun gambling game.

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