The Sinking City Is Coming To Switch – Here’s The First Official Gameplay Trailer

During Nintendo’s E3 Direct, developer Frogwares revealed that their Lovecraft-inspired adventure – The Sinking City – was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Our own Dr. Bob put up a little preview of it earlier this year which you can find right here.

For those not in the know, The Sinking City is a third-person horror adventure game, is set in a fictional 1920’s version of Massachusetts in the town of Oakmont. The game follows Charles W. Reed, a local private investigator, as he unwittingly delves deeper and deeper into the haunting truth about the town’s increasing disappearances. Here’s a look at the new Nintendo Switch gameplay right from Frogwares.

As you all may know, your boy Papa Dom is not exactly the biggest fan of horror games. I jump a mile at my own shadow, and I’ve been known to cower in the corner of my bedroom if it’s too windy outside. That being said, as our resident Nintendo guy, I cannot wait to give The Sinking City a spin. The game looks gorgeous, and I look forward to scaring myself shitless in Oakmont once the port is released.

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