Tiggy’s Call of Duty League Picks for 15 December

The Call of Duty League is back, as of last week, and we’re here to strip this league of all the cash holding this sinking ship afloat. I did fairly well last week betting on them last week, so I think it’s time to go to the public to face their backlash when the picks miss by 1 leg. You can find all these picks on DraftKings Sportsbook, under Esports or just search for “Call of Duty League” in the search option of all sports. It does vary state by state as my cousin in Virginia is unable to bet on esports.

If you’re not much of a video viewer, I have the picks screenshotted below. Since the recording last night, the price has risen for our snipe of the Boston Breach, but still with a good payout. It does pay to be a live viewer of the pod. We’re selecting all map 2 Search & Destroys, and basically going with all good SnD teams against the bad ones here today. Las Vegas Legion are 3-1 in SnD over 2 matches(only loss coming in r11)  & the Miami Heretics have only played 1 series with a 3-0 win. I’m taking more data with the SnD stars over the Spaniards. The second match we have loser v loser, Boston Breach v Los Angeles Thieves. Neither team with a Search victory, but Breach have more tenured players with a good SnD history among them. Finally we have illey’s revenge game against OpTic Texas. I’ll take him & Arictys fragging out against a struggling SnD OpTic Texas. Too easy, take it to the bank. Tip your waiter.


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