Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is Almost Here and I Couldn’t Be More Hyped

If you didn’t grow up with an Xbox or a Dreamcast as a kid, I’m sorry. But you missed out on one of the greatest urban aesthetic games of my generation. SEGA’s Jet Set Radio Future mixed that gadget punk feel of the 90s with rebellious urban culture. Each level had you on jet skates grinding through the city and tagging up the streets to claim territory, all while fighting the cops, corpos, and rival gangs with the same spraycan you used to spread your turf. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is taking that to a whole new level.

A female character breakdances on the rooftops. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

But back then, it was pretty limited. All you had were the skates on  your feet, some paint, and an underground radio DJ telling you what’s good on the streets in your ear.

Now, Team Reptile takes the mantle from SEGA’s veterans. The makers of Lethal League Blaze are bringing back that retrowave cyberpunk aesthetic back to masses. The spiritual successor to JSRF, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is on the horizon!

All New All Different Radio Underground in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk!

I could not be more happy with what I’ve seen from this game. Including the cell shaded graphics, and the soundtrack I’ve heard so far. Even the original JSRF composer Hideki Naganuma is putting a few of his tracks on the list. Not only does Bomb Rush Cyberfunk bring back the aesthetic and the skates, but you can skateboard, and BMX on top of all the new movement options! With a deep story involving rival gangs on the streets being alluded to, there seems to be more to the game than Team Reptile has revealed so far.

A helmeted character jets through the city. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into everything this game has to offer. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk releases on Steam and Nintendo Switch, August 18th and Xbox and Playstation September 1st. Check out the latest trailer below! It’s a blast!


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