CSGO Breaks Previous Average Player Record 8 Years Later

Before 2019, the highest average player count for CSGO was in February 2017 at 402,385. That was then broken in August 2019 with 415,097 before the all time high was just made in December 2019 at 456,701.


Pretty amazing that around 8 years later CSGO is hitting peak players. This is an example of an evergreen game ladies and gentlemen. We’ve talked countless times about our favorite esports and mine by far is CSGO. I think with the popularity in esports continuing to grow is the reason why you see an uptick in the average monthly players on Counter Strike. Well, that with a mixture of there being barley any good multiplayer games to play. A free to play game, is super competitive, that has little to no meta change, ever.. It’s a no brainer.

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