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Dom and I have established this routine of going on a movie date every time a new superhero movie comes out, excluding Batman v Superman, because in all honesty…neither one of us gave a shit, nor do we give a shit now. Yesterday, Monday, May 9th, we checked out Captain America Civil War completely aboard the hype train. I walked in to see Dom wearing an old school Iron Man shirt and in my mind I spit on the floor in disgust. Before we even purchased our tickets we already drew a line in the sand for how we would both interpret this film. Dom walked in as a fascist and I walked in as a true American in full support of our Captain. In this article I will explain why Team Cap is the way to go, and if you support Iron Man you are not an American. I’ll explain all of the benefits of supporting Team Cap.

Captain America is of course the ideological figure of everything that is good and right in America. His only purpose is to do the right thing in any and every attempt to save as many lives as possible, including all of the people he holds close to him. These Sakovian Accords are a way for the government to limit and control everything “enhanced” individuals do. If at any point something catastrophic arises anywhere around the world, The Avengers have to go through the United Nations to get sanctioned into action. This results in days of paperwork and limitations that could potentially lead to whatever catastrophe playing out right before everyone’s eyes without a single hero stepping in to prevent it. Bringing politics and big government into the picture leads to monetizing personal gains for whoever wants it that is involved. This is a hypothetical, but say The Queen of England was traveling somewhere and wanted personal super guards, well of course she will get them. What happens if Thanos decided to shit out a mini nuke on the other side of the planet? Contractually, half of Earth’s heroes would be stuck in political limbo while a supervillain destroys the other half of the planet, or as he rips through half of Earth’s Avengers. Trying to ask guys like Cap and The Hulk to stop supervillains within the regulations of a world government construct is like asking Rambo to just take pictures of US captured soldiers… Shoutout Rambo: First Blood Part II…it just isn’t going to play out how you want it to. It may seem rogue, but working outside of government regulations can ultimately get more done, in a much shorter amount of time.

I’m going to try to rank the Team Cap’s members in order of importance…all in my own opinions of course. If you don’t like it, leave a comment explaining why, or just tell me I’m wrong and a moron, whatever your little heart desires.


Sharon Carter:

Peggy Carter’s daughter, who is returning her mother home and helping Steve Rodgers in doing what is right and just. Following the deep relationships Steve has with his friends and WINK WINK, more than friends, Sharon follows Cap’s lead and knows what he is doing is right. She works as their eyes and ears on the inside and provides important intel to Cap and Falcon. She doesn’t bring much to the table besides intel and getting their gear back, but having someone on the inside is almost as important as having someone fighting alongside you, take Barbara “Oracle” Gordon from the Arkham series for instance.


The blue collared, seasoned Avengers vet comes out of retirement, with his wife and children behind to once again fight for what is right. You have to think that someone with as much knowledge an experience as Hawk is on the right side of things. He knows where being run by the government leads and he knows the only way to get a job done is to do it yourself. Hawk in my opinion is a tremendously loyal ally, and what he lacks in actual super powers, he makes up for with strategy and in-the-field experience.


Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), gets to join Team Cap as the wildcard jokester. He provides that much needed lighter comical side to a film filled with some pretty dark shit while also beating the crap out of people miniaturized. He also gets to try out some new abilities he has been integrating into his suit. I won’t spoil anything, but this new ability he shows off is kind of a big deal. Lang also fits very well into Team Cap with his great synergy with the other heroes. He has his background with Falcon from his solo Ant-Man film, and his snarky sarcasm is on par with Hawk’s. He works perfectly with the team and manages to get in some real awesome team up combo moves. I certainly wouldn’t call Lang the foundation of Team Cap, but in my opinion he is a fantastic support role.


Possibly Steve’s closest friend and ally, Falcon is fiercely loyal to Steve and any cause of his. He puts the interests of his friends before anything else and even goes on to explain how he goes wherever Steve goes, and when people are shooting at Steve they typically end up shooting at him too. Falcon is your true Ride or Die ally. Captain America could say he wanted to play tennis with a warhead and Falc would tighten up the racket laces and stretch without batting an eye. Another aspect to note is, he is one of two members of Team Cap who can fly. This is huge against a team compromised half of flyers and one webslinger. Falcon brings fighting prowess, flight, and comradery.

Scarlett Witch:

Easily the most powerful member of Team Cap, Scarlett witch easily sides with Cap after being practically held hostage by Tony Stark. She has a background of mistrusting Stark to begin with, and then keeping her under house arrest, guarded by Vision really cut the cord. Her abilities are still kind of unknown, however she can bend the spaces around her giving her the ability to fly, she can throw enormous objects with her force push, and she has the amazing ability to practically immobilize some of the most powerful foes against her. He brings that hypothetical haymaker punch to the team and she also synergizes very well with the team, saving everyone as pretty much once each.

Bucky “The Badass” Barnes (The RamBamThankYouMa’am Winter Soldier):

Bucky is the reason behind Cap’s departure form the main team. They were best friends in a long time past, but their bond still holds almost one hundred years and 3 movies later. Bucky and Steve know each other better than anyone else, and Steve has that keen sense of truth when it comes to Buck. When the world points the finger at him for some disaster, Steve breaks that finger and shoves it back up their asses. They share a brotherly bond that surpasses the one with Falcon, and this is what keeps them so attached to each other. The truth behind Buck, and the impending doom behind Zimo brings these two back together to fight for what is just, while everyone on the political spectrum refuses to look past anything but Bucky being the bomber. He is a deadly fighter with his amazing vibranium arm to beat the absolute piss out of anyone who gets in his way. Buck is the core of this team, in which everyone else presents themselves to protect him and the ideals of Captain America.

Just take a few minutes to think this over. Cap n Crew fight for what is right and they do this by sticking to each other’s ideals. They don’t fight internally, they agree with each other’s actions, they work together as a cohesive team, and they support all of this for what is right. What does Tony Stark fight for? He fights for his own satisfaction. He has a void of grief that he cannot cope with and he tries to fill that void by government mandates, through piles of paperwork, and a tremendous amount of regulations. Hey Tin Man, learn how to compartmentalize your feelings before you sign away the freedom of your former team. CASE CLOSED!

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