BREAKING NEWS: GTA 5 Switch Port Leaked

After plenty of rumors, possible leaks and finally full fledged interviews, it seems as though we may have further confirmation that RockStar’s juggernaut of GTA 5 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The CEO of Take Two Interactive, Straus Zelnick has stated in several interviews how following in the incredible success of GTA 5 and GTA Online, Take Two and RockStar would love to get their games on more consoles. Take Two’s next release, Carnival Games is slated for Nintendo Switch release this month which leads to further speculation that more will be coming.

FiveM: “In addition to existing platforms supported by RAGE, #RDR2PC also shows support for Prospero (PS5) and NX64 (Nintendo Switch) architectures, platform keys of ‘p’ and ‘n’ respectively.

Big shoutout to our very own WGG Stream Team member MattyDHimself for catching this on Twitch last night and sending it over. So what does this mean? RAGE is the current mod program established for GTA 5 and here FiveM is stating that current RAGE modifications are no set to be supported for the upcoming PS5 AND the Nintendo Switch. With everything Zelnick has been saying, along with all of the leaks, it should be safe to say the now 6 year old, console generation spanning, GTA 5 should be making its way to the next generation as well as the Switch. Stay tuned for anymore updates and here’s to hoping we get to see more Take Two and Rockstar games migrating to the Nintendo Switch. Fuck, if The Witcher 3 can do it, any game can at this point.

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