Banned Twitch Streamer Zayn Taking Others Down With Him

Fornite pro, Zayn has been has been banned indefinitely from Twitch for suspension evasion. This comes after he caught allegedly scamming others. After the fact, Twitch found out he was watching streamers on another account. Zayn was then caught on Fortnite pro Khanada’s stream (who had Zayn muted) and Fortnite pro Clix’s stream (who also had Zayne muted and nickname changed). Khanada got a 3 day ban, and Clix got a 7 day ban.

What a surprise, an inconsistent Twitch ban. But, that’s not important right now. What is important is Zayne is going around snatching up peoples Twitch channels, and also took away Tfue and Cloaks ability to stream Fortnite FNCS since he was on their team. This would put Tfue and Cloakzy’s Twitch channels at risk and that would be idiotic to do.

When you sign up on any website, there are policies that you have to go by. And in this case, Twitch has a policy that makes it that Twitch streamers aren’t allowed to have other banned streamers appear on their stream. And that guideline was clearly broken.

More than ever, people have been frustrated with Twitch. But something tells me suing Amazon probably isn’t the smartest thing to do. Especially when you have no leg to stand on regarding the ban. You can try to misconstrue what Twitch’s “suspension evasion” policy means, but as someone who refers to them-self as a “professional bullshitter” – there’s no shot. It spells out exactly what you all parties involved did. And if you read the more than clear consequence at the end it says suspension evasion may lead to an indefinite suspension. Case and point as to why Zayne has been indefinitely banned. So if you’re thinking of live streaming with a banned Twitch streamer, you might want to reconsider.

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