Sleeper and League of Legends Team Up To Relaunch The Next Great Fantasy Sports Game

While this year’s fantasy football season is coming to a close, Sleeper – on of the fastest growing fantasy apps in the game – is doubling down on a massive partnership with League of Legends in hopes of launching the next great fantasy phenomenon.

Fantasy League of Legends isn’t exactly a new concept, as plenty of daily fantasy apps and services have offered daily fantasy games and prizes for League of Legends over the last few years. However, Sleeper is the first officially licensed and partnered full-season Fantasy League of Legends app that I’ve heard of – and Riot Games seems all in on supporting the growth of the (fantasy) game.

Fantasy League of Legends works pretty similarly to traditional fantasy games. You assemble a league, talk some smack, draft players at every position, and go head-to-head with friends and family. Fantasy League of Legends is no different in that regard, but there are some pretty awesome bonuses and caveats that come with this spin on the classic fantasy features.

Once you lock in a league, you can select a region – from LCS, to LEC, to LCK. When your team is assembled, players on your team will rack up points for kills, assists, first bloods, and solos – and of course can lose points when they die. Riot Games’ official website also says that players can earn random drops of League of Legends chests, keys, and legendary skins just by playing, which I’m sure would be more than enough to entice some serious attention.

Sleeper has really great social and chat functions that are fully integrated into the app’s UI, and since LoL esports matches are broadcast for free online anyway, players can watch matches as their players rack up points live. Last but not least, players can pick their best individual champions to earn bonus points from their players, and bans to prevent opponents from scoring.

All of this seems incredibly in-depth, and now I’m really tempted to get a league going just for an excuse to pay more attention to League esports and also get some sweet, sweet drops.

For more info on how to play – or to get started with Fantasy League of Legends on the Sleeper App, download it on iOS or Android (, and check out their resource page here to get going. You have until February 5th to lock in.

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One thought on “Sleeper and League of Legends Team Up To Relaunch The Next Great Fantasy Sports Game

  • Randall JaVaughn Ralston

    When I go to select a region to create a league the LCK option does not show up. Just LCS and LEC. However, when I go to do a mock draft the LCK option pops up just fine and even has all the players/teams updated. What can I do to be able to do a LCK fantasy league?


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