WoW Patch 7.3 “Shadows of Argus” Is Here And I’m FIRED Up

Blizz has finally dropped the hotly-anticipated Patch 7.3 “Shadows of Argus”, and I’m fired the fuck up. Three new zones on the homeworld of the Burning Legion, new World Quests, no more worrying about Artifact Knowledge, new mounts, new pets, and so so so much more. If you’re like me, you haven’t played Legion since you finished attaining the Pillars of Creation and wrapped up the surface-level PVE ‘tent that came out of the box. I fell off right around last year just before moving into my new apartment, and all of a sudden I find myself four raids and 2,908 World Quests behind schedule. But, after seeing the unreal trailer that Blizz dropped at Gamescom for the new patch, I knew there was gonna be some delicious new story content to blow through, so I’m back in the saddle baby. Roll that beautiful Blizzard footage (kinda spoilery but this cutscene is in like the first hour of the patch so don’t worry):

Even if you don’t know anything about Warcraft lore, you can see and understand an insane power struggle here. An infamous betrayer (in Illidan) talking sense into a renowned prophet about the proper way to harness Light to combat the Darkness. A crazy purple spaceship taking off towards a dead planet. Chills on chills. Thank god this patch has updated catch-up mechanics (like making it 140,000x easier to upgrade your Artifact Weapon) and increased rewards from World Quests and Dungeons to get everybody up to speed. No lie I’ve dumped maybe less than five hours into this patch and I’m already at a comparable gear level to my buddies who have been playing regularly since the expansion dropped.

A few more notes on Shadows of Argus: You’ll get to check out Invasion Points, which are these little pocket dimension skirmishes to unknown worlds that yield unique loot, a new Dungeon (Seat of the Triumvirate), and you’ll also be able to access the Netherlight Crucible, a forge of sorts that will allow you to upgrade the items you already have, as well as augment them with new abilities and bonus traits. Last but not least, Shadows of Argus will culminate in an all-new raid – Antorus, the Burning Throne – which presumably will allow players to contribute to the end of the Burning Legion once and for all.

I’ll keep you guys posted on more Patch 7.3 features as they release. In the meantime, you can get your fix of more Degenerate Journalism by following us on Twitter and Twitch, and you can give us your money by purchasing a shirt at the official WGG Shop here.


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