I Played Doom Eternal Yesterday And Like, It Was Really Fun

It’s PAX East weekend and I’m already licking my wounds two days in. I’m convinced I tore my ACL and I’m nursing a pretty legit hangover. But it’s part of the job, and we will prevail. One of the best parts about going to PAX is Bethesda Game Days. Unreal food, booze, music, panels, games, and overall just good company. We went yesterday and got a chance to try out Doom Eternal, while taking a dozen BL’s for a ride, and let me tell you.. It was very.. very fun. This isn’t a paid post. If I didn’t like it, i’d be honest and say that. But I was in it. Contacts drying to my eyeballs from being so close to the monitor.

When you’re trying out a game, there are some things you miss because you’re just focused on enjoying the journey. It’s the same as in a movie. You sometimes don’t catch everything. I played for about 30 minutes and it was a blast. The graphics were sick, the opening cinematic had my leg bouncing, the soundtrack was popping, and it just ran like a well oiled machine. The line to try it was snaked around the entire bar, and people were chomping at the bit to try it out.

But after, we got to watch Marcus Smart and Romeo Langford of the Boston Celtics play. And my god was that great. They were so into it and you could see on their faces that they were genuinely enjoying their time playing it. But it gave me a chance to step back and focus on just watching the game. The Glory Kills were some of the most gruesome executions I’ve ever seen. And after watching for an hour or so, there were still new ones that I haven’t seen yet. I’m so curious as to how many there actually are, because right now if you told me there was a thousand, I’d believe you.

This is a must cop for me when it drops on March 20th. I’m a video game journalist, so I’m able to play both Animal Crossing, and Doom on the same day. I get the hall pass. The world will be divided on that day, but I will be the glue.


Real Recognize Real

Thanks Bethesda for another great two days. Always a blast.

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