2K Announces Cloud Chamber, it’s Newest Development Studio, with a SHOCK

Take-Two Interactive’s 2K label just announced the formation of Cloud Chamber, it’s newest “wholly owned” development studio. The studio will be based out of 2K’s San Francisco Bay Area headquarters and Montréal, Québec, the first Canadian office in 2K’s history. If that wasn’t enough good news, Cloud Chamber has already started working on the next installment of the BioShock franchise!

By far, the BioShock franchise is one of my all time favorites. I still remember the day I rented the first game from Blockbuster (excuse me for dating myself). I played non-stop for hours, finished the main story in one night, AND managed to pick my jaw up off the floor after one of the most epic ending twists in video game history to return the game on time. To date, BioShock is still one of the only games that I’ve ever been so captivated by it’s ambiance and story that I played the game wholly in one sitting.

2K also announced that Kelley Gilmore will serve as Cloud Chamber’s Global Studio head, the “first woman in 2K history to launch and lead a development studio.” She comes from nearly 20 years of service with 2K’s Firaxis Games and she’s no stranger to success with oversight of franchises such as Sid Meier’s Civilization and XCOM. QUEEN. Gilmore also announced that Ken Schacter will be Cloud Chamber’s Studio Manager in Montréal (formerly of Zynga and Trapdoor).

We founded Cloud Chamber to create yet-to-be-discovered worlds – and their stories within – that push the boundaries of what is possible in the video game medium,”

Kelley Gilmore, Global Studio Head, Cloud Chamber

I want to personally wish Cloud Chamber all the best with their future growth and development. They’ve been entrusted with a beloved franchise and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with it.


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