Mixer Partners Steal $80k+ From Platform in Exploit

For those who aren’t familiar with the Mixer platform – your viewers earn sparks when they watch your stream for a certain amount of time. These sparks can then be donated to the channel. And while streamers don’t make direct money from sparks, Mixer will actually give you a cash bonus if you hit a certain amount of them.

Here is the Twitter thread posted by JaredFPS

Maaaaaaan, you guys are idiots. You had it all figured out. How did you manage to get caught? If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that you cannot stand out. You have to blend in as much as humanly possible and no one will look at you twice. And I know that sounds like a shitty way to live, and it sounds sad, but in a case like this – if these two buffoons listened to my advice they’d be making dumb coin doing nothing. Have your stream hover around 25-30 viewers, with a buddy you pay $20 to talking in the chat and not just have donations. Everyone popping in would be like “oh, just another mediocre streamer building their base like the rest of us.” And instead of making hundreds or thousands a stream (I don’t know the exact numbers), make a few bucks. Slowly build and stay under the radar.

Mixer hasn’t really had many notable issues yet. And with Twitch being terrible at handling them, this is Mixers time to shine and show how they’ll handle scandals that come to their platform.

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