Fortnite Pro Dubs Suspended Indefinitely From FaZe Clan For Dropping Racial Slur on Stream

Wild fire on the internet today. I peruse Reddit a lot lately and I’m not exactly sure why, but I kinda fuck with it. That and Twitter are like my morning newspaper. And before you know it, I’m staring at a clip of Daniel “Dubs” Walsh dropping a racial slur. Where was the news? I was shocked that it took so long. But once the internet starts, it’s close to impossible to slow it down. So be the change you want to see in the world. Here we are. And here is the clip:

Shortly after the momentum of this clip started picking up – FaZe Clan released their statement as well as Dubs himself.

The word should never leave anyones mouth. And the thing that keeps playing in my head, is that no one in the party really flinched at the word. It was more that they got nervous because they realized the stream was on and people heard it. Dubs is one of the best Fortnite players out there, and he really might be toast now. I understand people make mistakes, but I have no tolerance for racist bullshit. And I don’t think anyone should, business or individual.

FaZe implementing a “sensitivity training” isn’t going to do shit either. If you have to take a training class on what you can and can’t say, you might want to reconsider streaming and talking to people in general. Hell, don’t even leave the house if you don’t know right from wrong yet. FaZe might want to make this a prerequisite off the rip. Maybe even have an addendum saying that there is zero tolerance? As soon as you toss hate speech out there, you are cut immediately. Fortnite has a much younger following than a lot of games out there – and Dubs himself is 16. The CHILDREN that are watching and following him should never be introduced to this type of talk. FaZe says they won’t tolerate it, but Dubs will remain on FaZe, 100%. Dubs was signed to FaZe Clan in May of 2019 – so he’s almost at his year anniversary. He’ll continue playing for them – no chance in hell they cut him.

The word shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary in the first place and if he gets cancelled, I wouldn’t care. No space in the world for hate speech – the world is fucked up enough as it is.

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