Sniper Elite 4’s Campaign Looks Boring as Shit | Sniper Elite 4 Review

I will start off with a couple compliments before I talk about why I will not be playing Snper Elite 4’s campaign. The graphics look pretty awesome. Also, I like that the movement is Assassins Creedish, as well as the cover system. And I guess that is it for compliments on my end.

This game is for the most patient people in the world. When you watch the trailer below you will get what I mean. I don’t even have the patience to take a piss without pushing it out and almost shitting myself. Do you think I’d be able to sit in a fucking bush for 2 and a half minutes until people walk by? It’s a no from me. I would not enjoy this game personally. That doesn’t mean the super zen gamers wouldn’t like it. Either that or you’ll have to get high as a kite and zone out. And not for nothing, if you put all the other Sniper Elite’s next to one another they will all look the same. This one just has a little bit better graphics. Switch it up a little, no?



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