Final Fantasy XIV Players Gather For In-Game Vigils To Mourn The Passing of Stephen Critchlow

Final Fantasy XIV players are gathering in-game to mourn the loss of voice actor Stephen Critchlow, who passed away this week at 54.

A friend of mine (thanks, Mocha) tipped me off to this just earlier this morning, as he recently returned to the game and noticed the gatherings. Players are congregating outside the home of Critchlow’s character – Count Edmont de Fortemps – who is a main character in FFXIV’s Heavensword expansion. According to PCGamesN, FFXIV players have held vigils on the Brynhildr, Leviathan, Jenova, Mateus, Balmung, Midgardsormr, and Adamantoise servers – with more likely to follow.

My friend (and source for the image above) also said that the vigils involved tons of players connecting with each other and sharing stories about Critchlow’s character, as well as their experiences with him in the game.

Stephen Critchlow has contributed to numerous films and video games, including FFXIV, Killzone 3, Fable 2, and more.

Rest in peace, Mr. Critchlow, thank you for everything.

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