Wolfenstein 2 Leaves Multiplayer Behind To Focus On Telling A Great Story

In the same week that we hear about the actual real-life pit demons at Electronic Arts prioritizing open-world/microtransaction based games, the good guys behind the wheel of Wolfenstein 2 are doing the exact opposite.

Tommy Tordsson Björk – lead designer of Wolfy 2 – says cramming in multiplayer to the nazi-woodchipper sim would detract too much from the story. Motherfucker this guy gets it. Wolfenstein 2’s developers want you to focus on the glorious (and suddenly topical) setting they are putting forth, the crisp gunplay and adventuring you’ll be doing as B.J. once more, and – of course – the scores and scores of Nazi’s there are to kill.

As someone who suffered through a lackluster story/tacked-on multiplayer combo in many an FPS, I can’t help but love and appreciate this sentiment from my man Tommy Björk here. Keep on pushing, boys and girls. I can’t wait to fuck up some Nazis when Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus drops later this week.

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