One of Us: Henry Cavill Calmly Explains Warhammer To Talk Show Host

There’s two things that are pretty commonly known about Henry Cavill at this point:

1.) He’s a massive geek

2.) He’s an absolute beefcake.

These two facts are so well known, that it seems like every new interview we get with Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia involves an aging talk show host bumbling through questions about his nerdiest hobbies. This most recent occurrence was brought to us courtesy of The Graham Norton Show the other night.

Cavill, who actually has his own character in the Warhammer universe thanks to all his outspoken love for the franchise, goes on to explain that there’s two sides to Warhammer – the hobby of painting the models themselves, and the actual game behind it all. I’ve personally never gotten into Warhammer myself, but I have a deep respect for anybody with the patience and passion to sink as much time, money, and effort into painting tiny models. I don’t even think my hands are steady enough to bring one to the checkout counter at my friendly local game store, let alone actually paint the things.

As an added bonus to this great moment in nerdy television history, Tom Holland (who apparently was also right next to Henry Cavill the whole time during this conversation), asked to be invited over to play Warhammer. Gaming bringing celebrities together just like it does for us, you love to see it.

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