Tfue Racial Slur Could Be His Last Strike On Twitch

Turner “Tfue” Tenney tossed an N bomb when streaming Minecraft earlier this week and Twitch has yet to take action. This will be Tfue’s third violation of Twitch’s TOS and is grounds to have this boy perma-banned. Video below:

Drops the N word, and then censors himself by saying “pee-pee” instead of “dick”. That cancels out, right?

Oh Tfue, Tfue, Tfue… When will you learn? We have grown men on the internet still calling people disgusting words for the world to see. I get if maybe you’re a little kid, or a teenager and you don’t 100% know any better. But you’re a grown man, and you have no excuse. I just don’t understand how your job is live streaming video games to the public and you can’t control what comes out of your mouth. Wear a zap collar for a week and get the behind-closed-doors words out of your system. That word shouldn’t even be a part of your vocabulary. You are making hand over fist money, doing a job that many kids would die to for and are working so hard to achieve, and you’re just using your platform to be an asshole with apparently no self control. I get it, mess ups happen. But you should learn from them. So something is not hitting home with Mr. Tenney. Maybe he thinks he’s invincible because Twitch won’t do anything; and lets keep it a buck, they probably won’t.

I’m not an overly sensitive person by any means; some people might even refer to me as emotionless. But somethings gotta give, Twitch. Put your foot down one time. Let another streaming platform inevitably buy them out and move on with streamers who give a shit, and aren’t complete air heads.

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