Xbox Series X Website Updated To “Thanksgiving 2020”, Pointing To November 2020 Release

Hot off the heels of Sony’s announcement earlier today, Xbox said fuck it and updated their website to drop a much more tight release window on all our fat heads. Could this blog have been a tweet? Sure – but do I have anything better to do during this quarantine?

I’m not a specs guy. I have Chris and Bob for that. What I am hearing, though, is that the PS5’s tech specs – aside from this new SSD that people are shitting their pants over – seems markedly worse than the Series X. I feel like I’ve never watched a Sony presser that made any sense, but I gotta tell you my eyes are glazing over just watching the clips that’re floating around on Twitter.

Alls we need now is some Halo Infinite gameplay. If Microsoft really wanted to throw a knockout punch during a sleepy quarantine Wednesday afternoon, they’d drop a gameplay trailer right now. You’d have to just count your rosary beads at that point if you were sitting in Sony’s marketing room.

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