Why Did Dom Hit The “Woah” That Hard At Pax East 2020?

There’s absolutely no need for this. There’s families here. People enjoying their time playing some games. And before you know it, a twenty-something with a crispy low balled fade just hit the Woah of the century on the escalator. Completely shut the place down. Booths started packing up, and women started contemplating leaving their husbands, I just saw it in their eyes.. It was something out of a movie.

Dom’s my good friend. But, I am a realist. And while it was the hardest Woah i’ve ever seen with my own two eyes, the fundamentals were off. Zero shoulder movement. But where he earned points, was with the cell phone and follow through (or lack of). It was like it was second nature. Didn’t even have to put the phone down to Woah the screws of the building loose. It was mid text! And the minimal follow through just shows that this isn’t his first rodeo.


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