Why You Should Get Into PUBG Right Now: Sanhok Release

If you were ever questioning whether or not to try out Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds, the time is nigh.  With some of the most recent updates and releases to the game, so many of the issues PUBG haters would gripe over, have been at least touched upon.  I should probably start off with some of the shit people talk about PUBG on a regular basis.  “The game is too slow and the controls are too clunky”.  “There isn’t enough loot”.  “The maps suck”.  Listen here you 9 year old future FortNite prodigy, PUBG has made some changes for the better, and please leave my mother out of this argument.  Thanks to the newest map, Sanhok, I can argue till my face is blue.

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The most recent release of Sanhok essentially defibrillated, the game back to life, addressing all of these previously posted concerns.  Due to the small size of the map, roughly 1/4th the size of Erengel and Mirimar, the matches play our significantly faster.  This is also aided by the fact that the time in between circles has been reduced, so movement is almost constant.  The controls are designed to more hyper realistic to the extent that it should feel more clunky than other games in the genre, but the game feels much smoother than it has in the past overall.  Sanhok is littered with loot, it does not matter where you land, there will be enough adequate loot for you to find.  Players aren’t confined to landing at named locations anymore like on the other two maps, every set of huts and long houses contain enough loot to give anyone a fighting chance.  Finally, in my own personal opinion, the integration of Sanhok has provided players with a better variation in gameplay.  The larger maps of Erengel and Mirimar provide an extended Battle Royale experience where survival takes precedent over action, but Sanhok provides us gun happy FPS junkies with the opportunity to play a much faster paced game with a lot more action.  The terrain is also incredibly varied between military grounds with multi leveled bunkers to lush forests, abandoned resorts, and ruins.

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