Apparently Destiny 2 on Google Stadia is a Shitshow

Early reports are saying that Destiny 2, which is arguably Google Stadia’s most high-profile launch title, is a huge fucking mess.

Paul Tassi from Forbes released a write-up earlier this morning that should be sending up alarms all over the joint at Google HQ. Not only is Destiny 2 the current-most barren platform for Destiny 2 players at a measly 19,000+ online at press time, this is compared to the nearly half-million players active on PC and PS4, respectively.

Now, while its still very early, less than 20,000 people online for Destiny 2 would make you think that it could be pretty difficult to queue up for multiplayer activities, and you’d be 100% right. Tassi goes on to say that he has yet to successfully queue up for a game of Crucible since starting his Destiny 2 Stadia experience. Tom Warren from The Verge has noted similar population issues.

So what does this mean for Google Stadia, as well as Destiny 2’s viability on the platform? Well, to be short – I can’t see it retaining any popularity if cross-play isn’t implemented. Destiny 2 has cross-saves across all platforms, so unless someone decided to purchase and play Destiny 2 via Stadia as their first foray into the game, I can see most players abandoning the platform before it even takes off for Xbox, PS4, or PC.

Unless you’re in a popular Discord server to find groups for Destiny 2 on Stadia, you may just be shit out of luck (for now). But hey, its still early on, so maybe Destiny 2 and other games will come into their own once Stadia gains some more users through the holiday season. But can Google reasonably expect players to not jump ship for an already populated platform for a game like Destiny 2?

Only time will tell.

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