Mass Effect Remake Teased by Recent BioWare Tweets

In a series of cryptic tweets from BioWare over the last few weeks that heavily feature parts of past games, rumors of a new Mass Effect remake are flying. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

BioWare’s Most Recent tweet on the rumored remake includes the original soundtrack, opening cut scene, and original box art for the game.

While the Mass Effect Trilogy was originally delivered in compilation form for Xbox 360 (backwards compatible on Xbox One), PS3, and PC, I’ve honestly been dying for a remastered edition optimized for modern/next-gen hardware. I’d really love to see extra attention paid to the PC remaster where the original trilogy release had a well-documented history of inconsistent quality.

Another hint came in the form of a tweet (below) from January 7th, that quoted Mass Effect 2 and included a picture of the iconic SSV Normandy. A remake of this beloved trilogy would definitely help to atone for the wasted potential that was Mass Effect: Andromeda and give BioWare time to really perfect the next installment in the franchise.

Someone tell my wife, my job, and my family that when this comes out, I’ll be MIA for at least a month while I relive some of my greatest gaming memories.


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