Gamers Are Taking Coronavirus Head On With A Petition To Stay Inside and Play Games

Tons of of big time streamers, pros, and esports organizations have come together to take a pledge to stay home and play video games to protect ourselves and the people around us. I cannot help but Stan harder than ever before. Talk all the shit you want about video games and the gaming community, but what community that you’re apart of is trying to make a difference during this fucked up time? Say yes to gaming.

For the sake of the everyone around us, just stay the fuck inside until this thing is contained. And I’m not naive, I know that some people still have to go out and work during this, just be as safe as possible. Air high fives only, wash your hands until they fall off like Spongebob, try not to touch your face (which I know is borderline impossible) – And overall, just be safe.

And to all of those who are out there keeping our communities running, and all the health professionals putting their health on the line, thank you.

I’ve laughed in the face of the coronavirus, but this shit is serious now. Take the pledge with the rest of us. And if you ever need someone to talk to, or play with during the lonely times approaching, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. WGG is here for you, always.

Take the pledge

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