Second Extinction: First Impression

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for Dinosaurs. Some of us ponder over the thematic dream of the reanimation of these wonderous creatures. That being said, we’ve also seen the downfall of this “Dino Paradise” through Hollywood lenses. Now imagine a world where Dino Genetic Mutation has gone unprecedented; welcome to Second Extinction.

See You Planetside

Drop yourself, yes literally, drop yourself onto an Earth that you no longer recognize. Now ruled by Dinosaur hordes, you traverse the Earth’s surface in search of resources as well as other scientific research in hopes of aiding the ERA (Emergency Response Agency)


Whilst planetside, you’ll be tasked with specific objectives whether it be extracting T-Rex Eggs straight from the mother’s den, or demolishing a cave nesting hundreds of mutated Dinos. That being said, this is still an open exploration game with a very large map. You’ll be able to explore, complete side objectives, and rack up extra points no matter what specific mission you’re assigned at the time.

Clearing the LZ

Second Extinction offers a very cool approach at upgrading guns and specific perks by integrating a “crafting” system. You’ll need to gather certain Dino parts and excrements as well as Research Points in order to upgrade certain parts/perks for your guns. This makes for a worthwhile replay value while we wait for more levels/scenarios to be released.

Upgrading the Carbine

There are a few audio bugs within the game, but overall, Second Extinction is worth the Early Access Price. It’s an exciting, fast paced objective based horde shooter, with a small loot/crafting system for weapon upgrades. It’s a basic recipe for success and I can’t wait to see where Systemic Reaction takes this amazing dreamscape.

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