Streamer Finds Out Pokemon NPCs Can Give You Shrooms That Make You Trip Balls

Twitch streamer Cryaotic was enjoying a little Pokemon Sword and Shield, when he walked up to an NPC. This NPC gave him a “bag of mixed mushrooms” and proceeded to tell the player “I don’t plan on being tripped up in my journey, so better you to take it than me!” After talking to this NPC, Ron – Cryaotic walked up to another NPC, Yukko, who said “I don’t know how this ended up in my pocket, so here- take it!” And collected another bag of mixed mushrooms. Score, free shrooms.

I can already hear the people now saying “omg how can they do this? The game is rated E, what if my kids see this?” First of all, your kids will literally have no idea what is being talked about. When my generation was growing up, there was so many hidden “adult” messages in TV shows. And more specifically, in SpongeBob. There was a pantie raid, a blatant dropping the soap joke , SpongeBob getting caught watching porn by Gary, a scene with Squidward throwing a rope over something on the ceiling insinuating killing himself while saying “maybe this will help”, and more. But that shows the magnitude of this because these pretty adult innuendos never stuck with me when my mind was like a sponge (no pun intended). I barley remembered any of them until I saw this news come out.

Everything is all good. Let the older crowd enjoy a couple chuckles while playing one of their favorite past times. And don’t rush to rip the game out of your kids hands, they’ll be fine.

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