Twitch Streamer Who Cleaned His Room After 14 Years is Back… And His Room’s A Mess Again

Twitch streamer “Jaegerrmeister” shocked the world when he finally cleaned his room after 14 years in June, 2019. Well, it hurts me to say this.. but he is back. And he is once again living in filth.

The mess that started in 2005 & cleaned in 2019:

And now… the mess that Jaegerrmeister lives in now:

How someone can go 14 without cleaning their room is wild. How someone can make their name off of being the trash man is even more ludicrous. Imagine waking up everyday to old chicken fingers, empty bags of chips, cereal bowls, candy wrappers, and God knows what else – and just saying fuck it, lets start the day. Let me plop down in the middle of this trash bin and entertain the people. That takes a special person, and sadly I am not that person.

Get your money bb.

Chris P.

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