Mad Bells Week Ending 4/12: We Have The Technology

Welcome back to Mad Bells folks. We’re still diversifying our Turnip portfolios, growing those money trees, and working tirelessly to make you some money during these uncertain times. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Know Your Buyers

In case you weren’t aware, the game’s first scheduled Fishing Tourney is happening today until 6pm local time. It’s a great way to rack up Bells, as C.J. (below left, the host of the tourney) will pay you 1.5x the value for any fish you catch.

There’s also Flick (above right), who is new to the series and will buy bugs for 1.5x their normal value from you. You can also commission him to make bug models for you… If you’re into that sort of thing. But onto the meat of the column – how’d it go on-island this week?

Dom – Rangoon Island

If last week was huge, this week was colossal – and we’re not stopping here. I was diligent about my bookkeeping, discovered some new resources to find high-price Turnips, and cashed out early in the week. Here’s how the Stalk Market panned out:

As you can see, we bought in big and paid out almost 7x the amount. Unreal. This week’s near-million Bell payout is brought to you by a new website known as “”, which acts as a hub for people to post their islands and Turnip prices for others to visit. The website also has a queueing system, so once it’s your turn, you just get the Dodo Code automatically.

This took even more trial and error than finding someone on Twitter last week, but once again the Turnip juice (!?) was worth the squeeze. This, combined with Twitter and Discord, makes it easier than ever to find buyers for your Turnips. So while you’re diversifying your Turnip portfolios, make sure you’re diversifying the methods of which you’re selling them as well.

Chris – Pen Island

I don’t have a fancy screenshot like Dom, nor did I make as much money. The kid is a produce guru. I’ve been slacking hard on my Turnip game, and Animal Crossing in general. But I made pretty decent profit because of Dom’s strategy of offshore accounts. My lord is the internet a beautiful thing. I bought 100 turnips @ 100 bells- and then flipped them Wednesday for 821 bells. All because of Twitter. Pay the man.

In Closing

Same routine as last week folks, load up your suitcases and duffelbags full of all the Bells you’ve got, and SMASH those offshore accounts. I’m anteing WAY up this week and investing over half a million bells to try and replicate my success from this week, so wish my luck.

Papa Dom

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