Head Into The Weekend With Some Little Kids Killing A Dragon In D&D

There’s a few things I love in this world: weekends, D&D, and D&D on weekends. You’ve got all the time in the world to play your sessions out, and it just feels phenomenal.

You know what else feels phenomenal? Watching these young adventurers get their very first boss kill, in what looks like a very special Dungeons & Dragons game tailor made for kids.

Killing blow on a dragon and Abby rolls a 19! Unbelievable! This is what clutch moments are made of, folks. This is second to – perhaps even tied with – our very own Dr. Bob one-shotting an Ancient Red Dragon with a vorpal double-bladed axe in the very first D&D campaign we played in together. I may have to give Abby the gold medal here if only for her dice-rolling stance. Power moves only.

The joy, the excitement, the pure imaginative bliss that’s washing over these kids… The fact that there’s a five year old behind the screen, hyping his players up after downing the boss he’s created. Just makes me want to get back to basics in my next campaign and really get back to something the preschooler who earned the killing blow here has already figured out – something at the core of what makes D&D so special in the first place:

Stabbing dragons in the belly.

Have a great weekend!

Papa Dom

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