Grand Theft Auto VI Footage, Source Code, and Images Have LEAKED After Rockstar Games Suffers Massive Data Breach

This morning, Rockstar Games admitted to suffering a “network intrusion” that resulted in one of the highest profile and largest gaming leaks that I can ever remember seeing. Their official statement, confirming that everything you might’ve seen regarding GTA VI over the weekend was and is indeed real – is below.

Now, lemme just get this shit outta the way real quick. I am not reposting any GTA VI images or footage. I’ve seen it, and you can too if you really want to. Get creative if you’d like. That being said, Rockstar is working triple time to scrub any semblance of it off the internet (and I’m sure legal action is not far behind), so reposting any leaks are gonna be a big “fuck that” from me dog.

If you’re curious as to what the leaks entail, I can tell you that what we saw certainly was a lot (over a half hour of in-engine gameplay, scripted voice lines, peeks at the new playable characters, etc.), but in the grand scheme of things really wasn’t much. We know the setting, got a glimpse at who we’ll be playing as, and that’s pretty much it. The game already looks gorgeous, and that’s with it still probably being two years away. Possibly more, at this point, considering the repercussions that these leaks might have.

As fun as it is to get peeks behind the curtain from time to time, and as much of an insane wait as it’s been for the next Grand Theft Auto, it’s sad to say that gamers and devs alike both lost out this weekend. These leaks will inevitably cause delays as Rockstar tries to shore up their own internal security practices, and I feel bad for the folks working on the game as their unfinished art now comes under scrutiny.

Here’s hoping we get a real first look and “proper introduction” as Rockstar puts it to GTA 6 soon.

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