Ninja Thinks Using The Phrase “It’s Just a Game” Shows You Have a Weak Mindset and You’re a Horrible Human Being. And Then Compares Himself to Tom Brady and Lebron James

I’ve seen every comparison you can think of when it comes to esports and traditional sports. But this is the first i’m hearing about the weak mindset argument. The idea is there, but I think that it was just handled the wrong way. There’s a difference between raging during a game, and raging at your audience after, and calling them horrible human beings. When you’re doing anything, you have to give it your 100% – I understand that. Because if not, what’s the point of even doing it?

But there’s a difference between playing something for fun, and playing it to try your balls off. It’s easier to turn those times on and off when it comes to video games. Yes they’re competitive, and you want to win, but they can’t be compared to traditional sports in this aspect. In traditional sports, every game is a paycheck, another step towards a performance bonus, and sometimes life and death to keep your career. In esports, there are games that you’re just playing with your buddies, warm up games, and then there’s a cash cup, a tournament, etc.. There isn’t a salary of playing a specific game. It’s prize money. But, there is a salary of being a streamer if you are involved in a deal like Ninja’s. Totally different.

I respect Ninja, and the backlog of my posts probably show that. But everyone says stupid shit sometimes, and this is one. You should care about your craft, yes. Whether it is video games, traditional sports, soap carving, whatever. But the line between having fun and going to work has to be mended. And the comparison to Tom Brady (the greatest to ever touch a football), and Lebron James (arguably the best athlete to ever touch the earth) is preposterous.

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