Pokémon Legends: Arceus Takes The Series To A Feudal-Inspired Era And Sends My Tear Ducts Into Overdrive

Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct was today, and although a return to the Sinnoh region from Diamond and Pearl has been rumored for a while, I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted something quite like this.

So, to recap, here’s what this game is bringing us:

  • Feudal Japan-inspired art style and setting
  • “Action-RPG” genre
  • Throwing Pokeballs and catching Pokemon just OUT IN THE OPEN
  • Beautiful score and art direction
  • A whole new story
  • Lots of tears

Nintendo. Baby. Listen. I know I had some harsh words for you last week about the Nintendo Direct. But listen…

I can’t even believe this. Yes, the rest of the Pokemon Direct was awesome, and the updates for Pokemon Snap, Go, Cafe Mix, and all the other stuff looks great. Sure, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are also cool… But this… THIS… Wow. I haven’t felt a sense of wonder and awe like this in the Pokemon series since the originals.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is coming in 2022… God I can’t wait for more information on this.

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