Hearthstone’s 10-Year Anniversary Kicks Off With ‘Whizbang’s Workshop’, New and Returning Cards to Core Set

Hearthstone is now 10 years old, which means I’ve been playing Hearthstone for a decade.

Good god where has the time gone.

In celebration of this anniversary, as well as the kickoff for the game’s Year of the Pegasus, there’s a ton of new stuff coming to the tavern that’ll be worth logging back in for.

Small Soldiers

On March 19th, Whizbang’s Workshop will launch as Hearthstone’s twenty-first expansion. The set is designed as both an introduction of new ideas and a way to celebrate the last 10 years of Hearthstone with returning characters, mechanics, and nostalgia-inspired cards.

The set boasts 145 new cards, as well as a new keyword – Miniaturize – which adds a 1-cost, 1/1 version of any card with that keyword to your hand. This seems like a nice and straightforward keyword mechanic, which I can absolutely appreciate especially since I’m coming back from so much time away and am already drowning in Hearthstone’s other currently active keywords in Standard format.

They Grow Up So Fast

Starting today, every player will receive a free card for each of the game’s 11 classes featuring iconic spells and mechanics. You’ll also get Harth Stonebrew (Hearthstone’s longtime narrator who finally has a card of his own), whose ability replaces your hand with iconic cards from Hearthstone’s history. It might be a meme card, but I can also see it getting pretty ridiculous depending on what those “iconic hands” are.

There’s tons more free cosmetic items and cards to earn throughout Hearthstone’s anniversary event, and you can read all about the full breadth of the rewards and how to get them here.

Hearthstone’s newest expansion launches on March 19th, and is available for pre-order now.

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