YouTube Star, Twomad found Dead at 23

I regret to inform you, that we’ve lost yet another young influencer to mental health issues. Muudea “Twomad” Sedik was found unresponsive in his LA home after a welfare check was done on him. He was absent from the internet for 5 days, hadn’t contacted friends and family, and even missed appointments. TMZ broke the news earlier today and reported an apparent overdose as the cause of death.

Twomad had a large following on YouTube where he made meme videos, and public stunts, and generally posted fringe content on all platforms he existed on. With over 2 million subscribers, Twomad had a very passionate young fanbase. However recently, Twomad very publicly struggled with mental illness. Tweeting for over 12 hours non-stop after allegations of sexual misconduct and domestic abuse were made public. Recently, he hasn’t been heard from in over 5 days.

Regardless of one’s character or behavior, and coming from someone who has lived with their own mental struggles. I never wish death on anyone. I’m sure there will be Twitter “X” users saying all sorts of things about him. However, when someone dies, unless they are literally Hilter, it’s generally good to not wish harm on others. Regrets can happen, mistakes can be made, people can get hurt, and details can be added or left out. But once it happens to one of your own, you wouldn’t want harm on them or others. 

Twomad Unfortunately Represents an Ongoing Epidemic

Twomad’s death represents an ongoing worldwide mental health and drug epidemic. Especially prominent in our country of the USA. It’s happened before, and it’ll unfortunately happen again. Advocate for others, look out for your friends, ask for help, seek medical attention if needed. People you know or people you love could be struggling, and gone in an instant. Stay safe on these streets folks, and live with no regrets.


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