The New Console From KFC The KFConsole Will Keep Your Chicken Warm While You Use It

KFC, yes Kentucky Fried Chicken – has just unveiled their new video game console. The KFConsole. And it’s not just any console, it has a built-in chicken warmer. Because what gamer doesn’t want to keep their chicken strips warm while ripping up their favorite game? Something I bet you never thought of.. but now that you are, I bet it sounds pretty incredible. The console will use the natural heat of it plus the air circulation to keep your chicken CRISP. And the cherry on top is, that specs aren’t bad.. like not bad at all from what we can see.
Cooler Master

When I saw Bud Light come out with their console, I giggled. I knew it wasn’t going to be anything crazy. But being a boozehound I know I’ll cop it once I can, because beer. It has built in koozies to keep your beer cold and is shaped like a 6 pack. But now.. KFC doubled down (no pun intended) and drop a console that has a tray to keep your chicken warm! What is 2020.

Fuck an air fryer. We using the KFConsole

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