25 Days of Wicked Good Christmas: DrLupo Raises $2.3M in 24 Hours For St. Jude, Passing $10M+ In All-Time Donations

DrLupo is something else.

During his annual charity stream to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, this absolute legend raised over $2.3M in 24 hours. A cool $1M came from Twitch itself, who doubled down on their donation from his stream last year as well. 

Not only does this make Lupo the single biggest creator to contribute to St. Jude – totaling over $10M in donations – but this is just another hallmark example of the power of gaming. DrLupo has a host of sponsors (like Logitech, Intel, NZXT, Samsung, and Gillette) who put up prizes and incentives to get his viewers to donate. Also, throughout the stream, he collaborated with various other streamers such as Ninja, CouRage, and Anne Munition (who I think still has the coolest name I’ve ever heard).

Between all the sponsors, high-profile guests, and big platform donations, charity streams like this have become the new celebrity telethons. DrLupo is a trusted name in gaming, streaming, and fundraising, and has used his profile to benefit an incredible cause.

The season of giving, indeed.

Papa Dom

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