Hearthstone’s Getting Some New Exciting Features… Dammit

We’re big Blizzard guys here at Wicked Good Gaming. Rob’s addicted to Overwatch, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since launch, and Chris lays in his bed and drinks himself int oa coma when there’s a blizzard outside (close enough). Earlier this week, Blizzard announced a couple of new CLUTCH features for ANOTHER Blizzard game that’s absolutely been consuming my life lately – Hearthstone.

Friends Forever: When the new Hearthstone update arrives, you’ll be able to complete quests in Friendly Challenges! Just issue a Friendly Challenge to someone on your Friends list and rack up credit for nearly any quest you can receive.


Last year, Blizz had this “Friendly Feud” event that allowed players to gain credit towards quest completion when they played with a friend, which is otherwise something you can’t do. This is completely understandable, since if my daily quest was “Win 2 Games With Druid” and my Druid deck sucked – and it does – I could just politely ask a buddy to concede a few matches against me so I could get the gold. That being said, Blizz got a shitload of great feedback on the “Friendly Feud” event, so they’re making it a permanent thing. The only quests ineligible to be completed with friends are ones like Innkeeper Challenges or ones that involve spectating.

Deck Importing! No more screen shotting decklists, or staring at a web page as you carefully build a deck, card by card. Trying—and sharing—a new decklist will be as simple as copy and paste!

Motherfucker this one is awesome. If you’re like me, you’ve probably HOUNDED a plethora of deck building websites to get some help with not getting your ass handed to you every time you queue up for Ranked. You’ll soon be able to select the Hero portrait at the top of any full deck in your collection, press the new “Copy” button (or hit CRTL/CMD-C on desktop), and have your decklist copied to your clipboard. If you paste your decklist into a text document, it will look like this:


…Except not blurry and shitty like that image is, but you get the idea. You’ll also be able to use that nifty code at the bottom to paste it into a social media post to share your deck with the general public. Don’t @ me tho.

Blizz says the new update including these features will arrive “in the coming weeks”. For more updates on Hearthstone and other Degenerate Journalism, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to Not Another Gaming Podcast, and check out our official shop.

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