Skull and Bones: 3 Sea Shanty Playlists To Get Your Cannons Firing

Skull and Bones drops tomorrow for those who haven’t purchased the Premium Edition (and for non-Ubisoft+ subscribers), so if you’re like me… You’ve still got some time before the colors can officially be hoisted.

The game releases at midnight Eastern time, which is a far cry (not a Ubisoft pun I promise) from most major game releases that drop at 3PM Eastern or worse most of the time. This means I’m getting up first thing in the morning tomorrow, hoisting the colors, and pillaging the seas until I need to replace my eyeballs with wooden pegs.

But first, we’re gonna need some sea shanties.

To Set It And Forget It: Sea Shanties That Drop My Panties

Clocking in at nearly THIRTEEN HOURS, this is the longest sea shanty playlist I could find on Spotify. There’s a great mix here of modern tunes, classic songs, shanties from movies, video games, shows, and more. This means you’re gonna get a few different renditions of the same shanty here and there, but if you’re looking to hit “play” and focus strictly on your game for the next dozen hours or so, this is the playlist for you.

For Some Modern Tunes: Sea Shanty Bangers

This one’s a lot shorter but gets straight to the point. This playlist is mostly comprised of modern covers of all the Sea Shanties you know and love, so if you’re looking for some cleaner production or more modern instruments and vocals in the mix, Sea Shanty Bangers is one playlist that’ll never steer you wrong.

For Nostalgia’s Sake: Assassin’s Creed Sea Shanties

And of course, we’ve got the playlist that inspired Skull and Bones in the first place. Ubisoft started development on Skull and Bones after Black Flag was released, so it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t even be here today without the shanties below. It’s also got the shanties from Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, which takes place between the events of Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed 3. Enjoy.

Any way you swash or buckle it, you can’t go wrong with any of the playlists above.

Skull and Bones is playable now for Ubisoft+ subscribers, or for those who purchase the game’s premium edition. For everyone else, you can hoist the colors and start shivering timbers at midnight Eastern time, just about twelve or so hours away… But hey, who’s counting?

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